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A C Corporation is more complex than other business types. It is a separate entity from those who own it, meaning it can be taxed (or sued) independently from its owners. A C Corporation is the right choice if you want venture capital funding, to give equity to employees, and/or to limit personal liability. C Corps are required by the state to create bylaws to define the corporation's purpose, how it will operate, and the duties and responsibilities of the people who own and manage it.

Main advantages:

  • Owners have limited liability for business debts
  • Fringe benefits can be deducted as a business expense
  • Owners can split corporate profit among owners and corporation

Main drawbacks:

  • More expensive to create than a partnership or sole proprietorship
  • Paperwork can seem burdensome to some owners
  • Separate taxable entity

If you are unsure of which structure is best for your business, you can visit a New Jersey Small Business Development Center. Some business owners also seek professional advice from an attorney or accountant.


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