Filings and Accounting

Businesses have filing obligations for Federal, Municipal & State-level taxes, as well as a requirement to submit an Annual Report. Find information on relevant due dates and reporting responsibilities.

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Federal Taxes

Key dates and deadlines with the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) will depend on your business type, how your business is structured, and whether you have any employees.

For more information about your Federal tax responsibilities, find information about business taxes by the IRS.

View the Federal Tax Calendar at the IRS

Municipal and County Taxes

Typically, municipalities do not charge business taxes directly. Revenues for the Municipality come from property taxes, which a business owner may be responsible for paying based on the property you own or lease within the municipality.

There may be fees associated with owning a business within a municipality, including fire protection or Mercantile Licenses. When planning, you should do your due diligence to identify local ordinances that may apply to your business. Contact your Municipal Clerk for additional information.


State of New Jersey Taxes

Key dates and deadlines with the State of New Jersey will depend on your business type, how your business is structured, and whether you have any employees.

View the NJ Tax Calendar at the Div. of Taxation

Annual Report

Every business in NJ must file an annual report. This includes simply ensuring that your registered agent and address are up to date, and submitting a $75 filing fee.

The report is due on the last day of the month in the month in which you completed your business formation (LLC, Corporation etc). The responsibility to file falls on the business, even if you fail to receive any notification from the state. Failure to file can result in the revocation of your business.

File Your Annual Report with the Div. of Revenue

Premier Business Services

Premier Business Services (PBS) is a secure system to allow business owners or their authorized representative to access information and services important to their business. The system shares a single login with the MyNewJersey Portal.

In order to sign up for PBS, you must:

  • Setup a MyNewJersey user name and password
  • Add a PBS account to your MyNewJersey account
  • Add your business to your PBS account
  • File Your Taxes on Premier Business Services