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Get on the road safely with your trucking company, our personalized starter kit can guide you through the registration process!

Beyond typical business registration, trucking businesses may have to complete additional federal requirements. Below are just a few of the most common licenses that a trucking business might need.

1. Blanket of Coverage (BOC-3)

The Blanket of Coverage (BOC-3) designates a process agent for your company that can file and receive legal documents on your behalf.

If you do any type of load-hauling for your company, you need to select a process agent and have them file the BOC-3 for your company. The only companies who can file a Blanket of Coverage for themselves are brokers or freight forwarders.

2. Registration with the U.S. Department of Transportation

Any commercial vehicle crossing state lines must register with the US Department of Transportation (USDoT) and obtain a registration number.

3. International Registration Plan

The International Registration Plan (IRP) is a reciprocity agreement between all states in the US and Canada. You need to register your fleet with the (IRP) in the state where you formed your business before you can haul loads across state lines.

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Although great efforts are made to keep these guides as accurate as possible, they are primarily for informational purposes. Specific details about your business may require additional or more specialized assistance. You are encouraged to consult with an attorney and accountant for legal and tax advice.

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