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What is the status of the Sustain and Serve NJ Program (Phase 2)?

July 19, 2021

Sustain and Serve NJ provides grants of $100,000 to $2 million to eligible organizations to support bulk meal purchases from New Jersey-based restaurants that have been negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Phase 2 of the program makes an additional $10 million available to entities to support bulk meal purchases.

Applications for Sustain and Serve NJ (Phase 2) are now closed.

Eligible Uses of Grant Funding

Sustain and Serve NJ (Phase 2) grant funding may only be used for direct costs associated with bulk purchasing of meals that are projected to be incurred between date of grant execution and January 31st, 2022. Examples of these costs include: The restaurant’s costs of food and ingredients; labor, packaging, and facilities; and, any profit margin for the restaurant.

No other expenses incurred by the applicant are eligible. Examples of ineligible costs include: indirect/overhead costs incurred by the applicant (e.g., rent, insurance), transportation, distribution, marketing, communications, sales tax, and gratuity.

Application Process

Applications for Sustain and Serve NJ (Phase 2) are now closed. The NJEDA is currently reviewing all applicants. For updates on your application status email

Funding Disbursement

Sustain and Serve NJ is a reimbursement-based grant. For each grant award, the total amount will be disbursed in monthly increments as eligible projected expenses are incurred and disbursement is requested from the NJEDA.

Disbursement requests must be evidenced by documentation showing the quantity of meals purchased, cost per meal, total cost, description of purchased item(s), and restaurant from which the meals were purchased.

Grantees may request a change or addition to participating restaurants from which they may purchase meals and receive reimbursement through Sustain and Serve NJ. This request must be submitted in writing and will be subject to review by the NJEDA.

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